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Here at Practical Healing, we strongly believe that health is not a destination - it's a journey and, for most of us, it can be hard to navigate that journey alone. To honor that notion we have decided to launch The Practical Healing Health Coaching Collective.

The Collective is a group of incredible local health coaches we are now partnering with to give our patients access to skilled coaching support and accountability. Take a look at their bios and find the coach that is right for you!

Hala Buczek

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach 

As a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Hala is passionate about creating a safe and supportive space for her clients to empower them to make positive sustainable changes to restore health and vitality. 

Her personal health journey has led her on a quest to learning about the "why" behind her symptoms. She discovered that food is medicine and that by changing her movement and stress habits, she found new balance and energy. She strives to be the source of encouragement she wishes had been available to her along the way. 

By emphasizing each person's unique experiences, goals, and dreams, Hala will partner with her clients to create a vision and a custom action plan to move them forward toward that vision and achieving their goals. Together, they will identify ways to overcome roadblocks and celebrate successes along the way. She will inspire, motivate her clients to live intentionally, and cultivate self-love so they can become the best version of themselves.

Hala has received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and is certified as a Health coach by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. She is on track to becoming a Board Certified Health Coach. 

Hala enjoys spending time with her husband and two amazing kids. She loves to travel and explore new places with her family as well as enjoying the simplest things in life such as dancing, yoga, and playing board games. 

To work with Hala, please contact her at:

Kim Lukens

Certified Health Coach 

Kim is a Certified Health, Emotional Intelligence and Therapeutic Art Coach and Podcast Host. Her excitement for wellness began during her own health journey with auto-immune disease and discovering the whole-self change that is achievable with the partnership of nutrition, self-care and mindset. She is passionate about teens feeling seen and heard, recognizing that "healthy" looks different for everyone and helping them discover their unique strengths. She has worked for the past three years in group workshops with teen girls and offers online and in-person group and private sessions for teens and adults

Kim enjoys spending time with her husband and their three daughters finding unique ways to give back. She is passionate about her faith, dinner conversations, and a good cup of coffee, creative art and seeing the "lightbulb moment" in others. 

To work with Kim, please email her at:

Allison Occkial

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Allison is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Fitness Trainer. She is originally from San Diego and has been working in the health & wellness field since 2008. She started her own business, Finesse Fitness, in 2012, offering both virtual and in person services. She works with clients from all over the U.S., providing fitness training, nutrition counseling, and holistic health coaching. 

Her specialties include working with women who struggle with chronic stress, low energy, hormone imbalances, and thyroid and adrenal health issues. She believes in helping others reclaim their body and their health from a holistic, inside out approach. Through a personalized and sustainable approach, clients are able to look, feel and function at their personal best. 

She is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and currently works with clients all over the U.S. She has specialized training and experience in Functional Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Mind-Body Wellness, Holistic Clean Living and Corrective Exercise.


To work with Allison, please contact her at:

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Follow on Social Media: @wellnesswithally, Facebook @finessefitnesswithallison

Melanie Schvartz, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

Health coach

Melanie is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. After seeing her and her family's health transformed by the power of food and functional medicine, Melanie was inspired to help others learn about the power of what's on their plate. She loves to help clients understand the interconnectedness of physical health, stress, food, movement, sleep, and most importantly: joy, fun, and creativity. Melanie's favorite aspect of coaching is watching clients come to understand the power they have over their health outcomes, and partnering with them to incorporate changes that are simple, sustainable, and fit into their rhythms. Melanie loves the outdoors, all things creative, and snuggling with her six kids and a stack of books. 

To work with Melanie, please contact her at:

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