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Meet Our Team

Sarah Cawley, PA-C, IFMCP

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Sarah Cawley, IFMCP has over 13 years of experience in Emergency Medicine. In 2014 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, which led to a passionate search for what makes us truly healthy. Her search led her to the field of Functional Medicine and turned her passion into a mission to share her experience with others. She completed her formal Functional Medicine training at the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine, and in 2019 became certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. Sarah believes that healing is possible when you honor the entire person and their unique story. She has helped many people reclaim their health, reverse chronic disease, and believe there is nothing more fulfilling than to help empower patients to live their best lives. 

Logan Kwasnicka, PA-C, IFMCP

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Logan Kwasnicka, IFMCP is passionate about walking alongside her patients on their journey to improving overall health and wellness.  Her interest in functional medicine began through a health journey of her own, where she learned firsthand the impact that nutrition, stress management, sleep prioritization, and movement can have on both physical and mental health.  Logan has made it her life’s mission to help others facilitate meaningful lifestyle transformations with a focus on longevity, mobility, energy, passion, and purpose. She completed her undergraduate education in Human Nutrition from The Ohio State University and then earned her Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from Mount Union University.  After becoming a Nationally Certified Physician Assistant, she spent the first few years of her career in emergency medicine.   Logan then trained at Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and became certified through the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2019. 


Logan enjoys spending time with her husband Josh, her son Isaac, and their two golden retrievers Odin and Penny.  Logan and Josh enjoy traveling, hiking, cooking together, and spending time with their families.

George Schatz, MD 

Medical Director

Dr. George Schatz is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician who is certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute for Functional Medicine and has completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. 

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