The health and well being of our patients is very important to us and we are doing everything  we can to be as safe as possible. See our Covid-19 Policies & Procedures, listed below, to learn more. 

Office Policies & Procedures

  • Staff Members and Patients are to abide by CDC guidance for face coverings

    • Masks will be provided to patients who do not arrive wearing one​

  • Hand sanitizer will be made available for patients/clients

  • Office surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant between each patient visit

  • Patient visits are staggered with at least 15 minutes in between appointments, as much as possible, to minimize cross traffic and allow time for cleaning

  • An air filter is in place in the office

  • Administrative staff members are working from home unless in-office presence is necessary

  • If Medina County becomes a Red County established patient visits will be transitioned to a virtual format. New patients are encouraged to schedule virtual appointments. 

  • If Medina County becomes a Purple County, or non-essential businesses are temporarily shuttered, all appointments will be conducted virtually


Patient Policies 

  • Virtual appointments are encouraged

  • Patients are asked to attend appointments alone. In certain instances, one visitor may be permitted upon request. This is at the discretion of the Provider

  • Patients must complete a Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire 24 hours prior to their appointment. This will be sent via email. 

  • Based on the results of the questionnaire, the Provider can decide to reschedule or change the appointment to a virtual format

  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival of patients and visitors. If a temperature of 100 degrees or higher is recorded, the Provider has the ability to reschedule or change the appointment to a virtual format


Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire

Your email appointment reminder will contain the link to our Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire. The email will be sent 24 hours prior to your appointment and must be completed in order for the Provider to meet with you. If you have any issues accessing the questionnaire, please feel free to call the office or click HERE to fill it out. 


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